Marlene has provided the highest quality of workmanship, honesty and integrity for over 25 years. All work is provided by full service, licensed and insured contractors.

Marlene arrived in California in 1967 and began teaching in Cypress, specializing in grades 4-6. She retired from teaching in 2005, after a forty-year career. Originally, while attending college in Seattle, Washington Marlene had worked in clothing fashion and design with the Bon Marche Co.

Marlene always had an interest in color and design and wanted to expand her experience in the interior design industry. Now, during her teaching breaks, she spent eight summers in Atlanta, GA studying principles of scale and proportion, decorating with color, pattern and texture, lighting, etc.

Her own business began in the early 80’s in Huntington Beach, CA. Accordingly, Marlene has also been a member of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Marlene writes, “You know over the years, I have worked with so many clients – watching how small alterations can make a big difference if properly executed.”

“It has brought me great joy seeing clients so happy over their new surroundings, whether a major renovation or just small touches such as lighting, which can control the mood of a room like nothing else, whether it be natural light, ambient, task and or accent light,” she concludes.

Marlene spent many years working with different general contractors, and is very satisfied with whom she works with today. “My clients are enthused about the honesty, integrity and expertise of my people,” says Marlene.

With Marlene Flores Interior Designs, they’ll never be a stranger showing up at the door…always on time; cleanliness is a top priority, and the excellence of work accomplished in a timely fashion. Marlene’s mission for all jobs: No matter what the size project – a complete turnkey renovation of the entire house; a room addition, a remodel of a kitchen and or bath, or just a coat of paint!

Marlene prides herself with an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, and always likes to share a wealth of past clients to refer to for references.